Reasonable Substantial Evidence of Racketeering and Collusion
perpetrated by
Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh,
and other members of the Federal and Provincial Governments.
Presented By Cris Vleck
email: cvleck@protonmail.com
Synopsis – Page 1
Part 1- The Vanguard Group – Page 2
Part 2 – The World Economic Forum – Page 4
Part 3 – The Vanguard Group and Government connections – Page 6
Part 4 – Is Justin Trudeau a Vanguard Group Owner/Client? – Page 7
Final Statements – Page 10
Post Document Supplemental – Page 11

In this document I believe I will present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Justin Trudeau, with the help of cohorts within both the Federal and Provincial Governments, has perpetrated intentional fraud against the citizens of Canada in the form of collusion and racketeering. I believe this document’s evidence will not only back up the claim in this synopsis but will bring to light and make sense of the confusing decisions made by our governments ‘in the name of science’.