From: Heiko Nyland

March 3, 2021

Why Spend money on your conspiracy theories when so very few few care what you and your American loving friends espouse? Are you fucking daft? Do you not get out enough to do any real critical thinking? Obviously you and your ilk are fucking stupid and religous. Else you would not feel the need to proselytize the garbage you are spreading among our community. Maybe take your crap to the Sally Anne. They are hungry enough to brainwash the poor fuckerss who just want a meal. It makes sense that I can’t find a local name anywhere on your fucked up website. Cowards! Charletons, zealots! Flat earthers. Sign your names to your lies. Morons. Bare your unmasked partition brained idiotic fools faces. People are working hard to help others get through this pandemic. They don’t need, or deserve your garbage wasting their time. Take your sorry asses to the US where people like you fit in with the spineless masses of brainwashed fools so ready to spread the moldy shit of your fucked up belief system. Lie lovers, Trumpsters, anti science schmucks. I’ve seen your paper garbage spread a round here. I am going to start using the papers you you spend money printing for ass wipe and fire starter. Keep it coming you bunch of fuck heads. Maybe start helping the people who live here instead of wasting valuable time spreading American world destroying shit. I bet you can’t wait to die to get to what you think of as heaven. If so you all should just die and get it over with instead of dragging clueless fools down your rabbit hole of dogma. Life haters!  Tell me your names you bunch of scum sucking garbage mongers. I await your SIGNED reply. Get this shit out in the open so real Yukoners will know who spreads this filth. Face me you Cowards so we can have a real discussion on why you think so wrong headedly.  Heiko Nyland (My real name) Tagish Yukon