Why do I have no right at all to demand that another person wear a mask? Even inside my home?  Even when people are only a foot away from me?  Even when we hug or shake hands?

Because I have no right to raise their blood pressure by an average of 12 points systolic.[13] 

I have no right to force anyone to incubate an average of 100,000 bacterial colonies in their airways or on their skin, which were cultured from the used masks of European train commuters.[14] 

I have no right to immobilize the cilia of people’s airways, which they need to help escalate inhaled viruses, bacteria and fungi up the trachea, away from the lungs.[15]  

I have no right to put asbestos fiber size particles deep into their lungs, where those can begin the process of pulmonary fibrosis (the most frightening and hopeless disease I have seen as a physician) and are unlikely to be exhaled.[16] 

I have no right to interfere with the function of a person’s immune system to perform its usual functions.[17] [18] [19]

My research team has compiled the most comprehensive research in the English language on the hazards of masks, through several peer-reviewed articles here,[20] in which we cited and linked to over 200 studies in the peer-reviewed published medical literature.

I do not have the right to impose a face covering on anyone, to put an obstacle in the path of anyone’s breath, and neither does anybody else, ever. 

If you think that you have that right, to make that demand of others, are you willing to pay the reparations, for both suffering and medical expenses, for the pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, cancer, and other diseases and injuries that may result from mask-wearing?