Write to me about your experience with vaccination

Because available statistics have been so terrible, I’ve not written very much about vaccine injuries, but evidence is mounting, from sources beyond the American VAERS database, that they are vastly more frequent and severe than anybody will acknowledge.

Many of my readers have not been vaccinated, but many others have been. I’d like to compile a post or two of reader experience with the vaccines. If you have something to report, please write to me at I’m not only interested in severe side effects; reports of mild reactions will help to build a full picture. I’m also interested in infection following vaccination, and any other related matters you deem of interest. It’s most helpful if you can report about your own direct experiences, that is to say, things that happened to you or to people you know personally.

Otherwise, to complete yesterday evening’s hasty update, I provide a translation of Andreas Schöfbeck’s letter to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, on the underreporting of vaccine side effects in Germany. Apparently the PEI has responded, but exactly what they’ve said has yet to be released, as far as I know.

Dear Prof. Dr. Cichutek,

the Paul Ehrlich Institute has issued a press release announcing 244,576 suspected cases of adverse reactions to the Corona vaccines for the calendar year 2021.

Our company has data that give us reason to believe that there is a very pronounced under-reporting of suspected adverse reactions following Corona vaccination. I attach an analysis to this letter.

Physicians’ billing data provide the basis for this analysis. We have sampled data from the anonymized records of company health insurers, totaling 10,937,716 insured persons. So far, we have billing data for the first half of 2021, and about half of the billing data for the third quarter of 2021. We queried this data for the ICD codes valid for vaccination side effects. Although we do not yet have the complete data for 2021, our analysis of the available data reveals 216,695 treated cases of vaccination side effects following Corona vaccination. If these figures are extrapolated to the whole year and to the total German population, perhaps 2.5 to 3 million people have received medical treatment for side effects following Corona vaccination.

For us, this is a serious wake-up call, that must be considered for the further administration of vaccines. We think it would be relatively easy and quick to confirm these figures, by asking the other health insurers (AOKs [general regional insurers], the alternative insurers, etc.) for a corresponding analysis of their data. Extrapolated to the number of vaccinations across Germany, this would mean that about 4-5% of the vaccinated have been treated by a doctor because of side effects from the vaccines.

We believe that vaccine side effects are being substantially under-reported. It is crucial to identify the reasons for this as soon as possible. Since there is no remuneration for reporting adverse reactions to the vaccine, our primary assumption is that doctors often neglect to report adverse reactions to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, because of the effort involved. Doctors tell us that reporting a suspected vaccine injury takes about half an hour, which means that 3 million suspected cases of adverse reactions would require doctors to work 1.5 million hours. That would correspond to the annual labour of around 1,000 doctors. This should also be quickly confirmed. A copy of this letter will also be sent to the German Medical Association and the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

The Central Association of Health Insurers will also receive a copy of this letter with a request to obtain corresponding data analyses from all health insurers.

Since we cannot rule out the danger to human life, we ask you for your report on your response by 6pm on 22 February 2022.


Andreas Schöfbeck