Beware folks, your children’s health and lives are likely at risk! Please search the site to find the many dangers of these unapproved untested experimental DNA modifying substances! Even half of CDC staff are refusing to be test subjects. Long term studies for these injections end in 2023.


From: Yukon Government staff – name redacted.

Date: Wed., May 19, 2021, 11:00 a.m.
Subject: Vaccine Youth Clinic Information

Good Morning, 

Please see the information below from the Department of Health and Social Services.

The government will shortly release the dates for the school immunization clinics in the Yukon. Clinics begin on May 31 in rural Yukon and on June 1 in Whitehorse. Attached is the schedule of when the clinics will be in your community.  Please note that these clinics are only for youth and no adult immunizations will be given. Students will receive the Pfizer vaccine which has a shorter time period between first and second doses. The vaccine is voluntary and students will not be forced to be immunized if they don’t want to. Appointments can be made through CanImmunize both for Whitehorse and rural students.

Students who miss the clinic date in their community can travel to Whitehorse to attend the mass clinic. Medical travel will be covered and can be arranged through the Health Centre in each community. Both Insured Health and Non-Insured Health Benefits have agreed to cover medical travel costs.

The Whitehorse clinic will be open for first shots until June 18.

Students who miss the clinic entirely and still wish to be vaccinated can follow up with their health centre to find out when they can be scheduled for a vaccine.

Informed consent: Anyone under the age of 19 who is capable of providing informed consent to their own health care, has the authority to give, refuse or revoke consent for their own immunizations. A written consent will not be required and it is the health care provider’s professional responsibility to assess the patient’s ability to consent.

Students will receive an information sheet on mRNA vaccines and an aftercare sheet.

Yukon Youth COVID Vaccine Clinic List 

Information for parents and youth – Consent 


PCSS Administration