It is a good idea for any concerned Yukoners to report the countless workplace safety, covid and fire code violations this video documents such as fire doors being held open by bleach jugs, improper masking by multiple people many times, improper social distancing, wasting of personal protective equipment and single use medical devices, improper use of certain medical equipment resulting in unreasonable wear and tear (equipment cords being pulled) as well as unsafe behavior and possibly controlled access violations in utility and electrical rooms and generally behavior not in line with workplace standards for a hospital.

If someone got injured dancing as a doctor or nurse or technician that would not covered by insurance premiums for these employees and would result in further public funds wasted for behavior that is otherwise penalized by fines or charges laid however unconstitutional they may be. The double standards are astounding. Despicable.

Take a good look everyone, this is what your extorted tax dollars are funding… remember that when your neighbors, family and friends are refused healthcare due to the supposed pandemic. It must be abundantly clear that we’re living through a planned scamdemic meant to destroy society and the economy in preparation for the great reset as per UN sustainable development agenda 2030.

Oh, almost forgot, multiple comments that aren’t positive are being deleted by these communists, good thing we have a screenshot: