Have you, or someone you know been injured by the Covid-19 shots?

Please, we are trying to compile a data base of vaxx injury stories so we can warn others via this website and via a newspaper full page ad.  Please send in your story, or your friend’s story, or your cousin’s or father’s, etc.

If you can, please submit name and location.  If you want to keep it anonymous (especially for second hand accounts), then please, if you can, include the location.  We want Yukoners to be able to connect these deaths and injuries to the Yukon, to bring them closer to home.

You don’t need to write much, a few simple lines like:  “My stepfather, 89, Ploen, Germany, received the Pfizer/BionTech injection, got sick the day after the second shot (“The sickest I have ever been in my entire life”, according to my stepfather), was taken to hospital, overall inflammation, developed a condition where he could not make red blood cells any longer, died within 2.5 months of the second shot.

This is my own story.  I am still grieving and I am still furious.  He was murdered.  He thought he was doing the right thing, even though I had sent him warning after warning.  The day of his second shot he phoned me and said:  “I am all safe now.  I just got my second shot.”  I knew then, that he was going to die.

Of course, we are looking for Yukon stories.  I have a lot that range from breast lump to vertigo to blood clots (no less than three people) to entire immune system failure to fever above 103 for several days to breathing difficulties with fever and nursing station visit of 4 hours to liver duct plugged to several weeks in the Yukon hospital with pancreatic problems.  Two people were medevacked.

These are the stories we are looking for.  Please, email to yukonfreedom@protonmail.com today.

Thank you!